Ok, full disclosure, I’m writing this blog post from my phone because my laptop (which is less than a year old) decided to crap out last weekend and I don’t know how to fix it! It’s going through some weird repairing loop and I’ve gone through all the online forums and tried to do a few things but SOS! Any computer savvy friends out there? Send help and wine 😉 anyway please excuse any typos or weird formatting because writing a blog via phone just ain’t the same.

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My Heart is with Houston

A lot of the initial shock of my current situation has worn off and now I’m just trying to get through each day and act like things are normal. Sometimes this is successful, other times not so much. However, this past week has provided a huge dose of perspective. Terrible things happen all the time, but maybe because I’m already in a state of hypersensitivity or I find myself sad a lot more often, the devastation of Hurricane Harvey has really been on my mind.

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Dear Mom & Dad

It’s been a month. Some things have gotten a bit easier to endure, others still hit me like a ton of bricks and flare up every single goddamn emotion, it’s a toss up. I’m starting to settle a bit more into my new life. I am fortunate enough to have parents that have taken me in with open arms and have been so incredibly supportive. I’ve tried my best to still stay focused on gratitude in the midst of everything else and that has led me to this post.

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