Crock Pot & Drop It

Why yes, this week’s blog title is a play on the popular 2007 jam “Pop, Lock & Drop it”, figured I’d get that song stuck in your head and make you want to bust out the dance move while you sit at your desk reading this ūüôā For all you fellow public transportation users, how¬†did you hold¬†up this week? I feel like we didn’t have our usual slow progression into Fall this year and it has been loads of rain for a full month already! When I’m soggy and sleepy riding the MAX¬†in, I dream about all the cozy meals I can make in the crock pot. That’s why this week is focused on some of my favorite crock pot recipes so you can enjoy them, too!

  1. Enchilada Orzo – I first tried this recipe out when we hosted a get together at our house a few months back and I’ve gone back to it multiple times. I like this recipe because there’s nothing you have to cook ahead of time, sometimes when you have a meat crock pot recipe you either have to cook or braise the meat and I don’t always have time for that. With this recipe, there’s no meat and you honestly dump everything in and let it rock. I will mention that one time I made it and didn’t submerge the cream cheese so it kind of baked and got a weird shell around it…you don’t have to stir the cream cheese in fully, but when it says top with cream cheese, try to push¬†it down a little bit. I like topping mine with avocado, cilantro and green onions!

  2. Chicken Verde – I guess we’ll call this a recipe…you literally throw some chicken breasts into a crock pot and put your favorite salsa verde on top then cook it on low for ~5¬†hours. Take the chicken out and shred it with two forks and then you’re done! Since we’re a two person household I typically throw about a pound of chicken breasts in with an 8 ounce jar of salsa (or more if you like it extra saucy). I’ve also done this with other types of salsa and then you have¬†chicken to throw on top of salads, make tacos, throw inside some enchiladas or whatever else you can dream up!

  3. Burrito Bowl – You can sense a theme I’m sure…we tend to gravitate towards recipes that involve cumin, chili powder and anything that we can pair or put into a tortilla. I found this recipe this week and knew we’d want to try it out. It looked like a recipe that could be eaten by itself, put inside a tortilla or on top of some lettuce so I knew it’d be a winner. With our opposite schedules, cooking during the week usually falls to Tim. He whipped this recipe up and said it way pretty easy to do so this one is Tim tested, Jess approved. It is so good!! This simple recipe pairs perfectly with a fresh avocado and fills you right up. I know this will become a staple, go to recipe in our house from now on.

  4. Ground Turkey & Butternut Squash Soup – In our household we call this a chili but I don’t know if that’s really accurate so I decided to call is soup, a hearty soup at that! This was sort of an experiment for me so I tried to write the recipe down as best I could for you to try it out.¬†

  5. Peanut Sauce & Chicken – I figured I should mix up the flavor profile just a bit, however we try to find recipes each week that will use up those extra ingredients. Like limes or cilantro, I HATE throwing away cilantro but inevitably we get cilantro for a recipe and then have to toss it because we couldn’t use it all. I’ve found that Mexican food and Thai food have some similar cross over ingredients and that way we give ourselves some variety throughout the week. I started using PB2 for my morning smoothies and I found this recipe that uses it to make a peanut sauce. I paired the chicken with some edamame pasta and topped it with cilantro and lime. Next time I¬†serve it up I’ll stir fry some veggies to round it out a little more but the peanut sauce is¬†quick to put together and delicious!

Have a great week!

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