Why was the mummy so tense?

He was all wound up! 🙂 On the eve of all Hallow’s Eve I of course have to have a Halloween themed post!

  1. Meatball Mummies – The pictures from this recipe were so adorable and I just had to try it. These crescent dough wrapped meatballs would be perfect for a Halloween party and they come together in no time at all. I used packaged, frozen meatballs that were pretty small, so one strip of crescent dough a little stretched out was plenty for my mummies. After 12 minutes in the oven these little guys were done and I finished them off with two dots of sriracha for eyes.

  2. Milano Mummies – Another easy recipe that would be a perfect sweet treat to add to your Halloween party or to package up and give as a gift. I don’t use vegetable oil so I mixed a little bit of coconut oil in with the white chocolate chips and coated each cookie with some of the white chocolate. I don’t have frosting bags or tips so I put the remaining white chocolate in a Ziploc bag and cut the corner off of the bag. It worked perfectly and looks like it’s a lot more work than it actually is. I also didn’t have any black pearl sprinkles, nor do I really know where to find them, so I used some black icing to make the eyes. I can’t get over how cute these turned out!

  3. My DIY Costume – I wanted something easy to throw together if I needed a costume. I found this helpful tutorial and thought it was a super cute idea. Snapchat filters have become all the rage and the butterfly filter (which now doesn’t seem to exist anymore…) was quite popular for a while because it made everyone look flawless. This tutorial is a lot better than the 12 minute video I filmed last night while trying to show how I did my makeup. You guys will probably get more from her instructions but I’ll at least show you a picture of my finished look 🙂 I created the butterfly clips with these butterfly cake toppers and after I removed them from the toothpick they come attached to, I hot glued them onto bobby pins. In less than 10 minutes you too can have a super easy, DIY costume!

  4. Party Favors – I obviously had mummies on the brain this Halloween. I wanted to make something for my niece and nephew and thought these DIY Halloween poppers were a perfect gift. I put a tube of mini M&M’s in each toilet paper tube, I drew on some eyeballs with a sharpie and then used cut up Kleenex as the mummy wrap. Some of you may have streamers or googly eyes in your craft closet but I didn’t have any so I had to get creative. Honestly, you just put some double sided tape down and then wrap the toilet paper tube up. This page has easy to follow step by step instructions and each tube only took a few minutes to put together.

  5. Overnight Pumpkin Pie Oats – How do you recover from a sugar coma? Create a delicious breakfast that will keep your energy up when your sugar crash inevitably comes around. I’m a big fan of overnight oats and think it’s a brilliant way to save time in the morning. A few minutes of prep time the night before and it’s one less thing to think about before rushing out the door to go to work. These oats are packed with Fall flavors and if you like pumpkin flavored things like I do, you’ve got to try this recipe out. Top with a few chopped up pecans to add a little crunch and you’ve got a flavorful, easy and ready to go breakfast.

Have a great week and Happy Halloween!