Hi friends!

I’m Jess, an Oregon girl who thinks a lot of stuff is pretty rad. My goal is to share the top 5 things I liked, ate, made or tried each week. This gratitude practice will allow me to not only reflect on the week but will hopefully bring you something as well.

I’ve always loved to craft & DIY, try new recipes and explore the beautiful state of Oregon and I figured, why the heck not blog about it? You’ll find a mix of things I’ve been newly introduced to and things I’ve liked for a long time and can’t get enough of. I’m an avid pinner so a lot of times I’ll post about recipes I’ve found, tried and pleased a crowd with. I’m also a fickle crafter which means I’ll see something I like and say to myself, I can make that! My overflowing craft closet is a testament to how true this is. I’m on a new journey navigating life as a significant other to a police officer. It’s a new role for me but I’m excited to learn more and share this part of my life with all of you. We couldn’t be happier with the blue family we’ve been welcomed into ♥ So let’s try this whole lifestyle blog thing out!

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