Casserollin’ With My Homies

Yesterday I spent the day getting ready for the week and hanging out with 3 special moms in my life 🙂 A little late on the post this week but that quality time with my mom and sisters was needed.

This weekend my friend Steph got married! And let me tell you, that girl made a STUNNING bride! A few of our friends that came in from out of town stayed with us and I got to play hostess. If I know we have guests coming into town, I usually try to grab some snacks that I know they like and will sometimes attempt to make breakfast. Helllllloooo breakfast casserole.

At this point they’re probably super sick of me talking about it because I basically turned into a crazy breakfast casserole pushing food dealer. It was weird and I’m not sure what came over me (too much rosé? Probably…) but this casserole is so easy to make and perfect for making sure your out of town guests are well fed. I threw the casserole together the night before and used pre-shredded potatoes, the recipe called for cubed potatoes but the shredded worked out just fine. I substituted cashew milk and used sharp cheddar and mozzarella for my cheeses. I don’t think any casserole photographs well but this was my attempt at showing off this delicious dish!

Have a great week!