DIY: Candle Jar Planter

Have you ever felt like you’re paying a lot for something just because of the packaging? I mean, don’t get me wrong, the packaging does it’s job and often times pulls me in because it’s just so pretty!! This rings especially true for me when it comes to picking out wines. I have no idea what it means when you tell me that the 2015 pinot gris I’m drinking has earthy finishes and the grapes were harvested in an especially wet time of year in California, when the sun was shining and Missy Elliott was on the radio in the midst of her comeback . Huh? Oh but there’s a cute goat on the front of your bottle or a pretty floral motif. Sign me up!

What I’m getting at is I find myself sucked into Anthropologie just staring at all the candles they have on display in these BEAUTIFUL glass jars. They come in all sizes and scents and so what if you find me lurking in the store smelling every single candle? That’s what they’re there for, right??

I’m convinced that they hire the best scent mixologists because every single one of their candles smells amazing and to top it off they come in these lovely glass jars with lids. I sometimes feel a little guilty buying their candles because after they’re done burning, now what? I just toss the jar? Not this time! I held onto this little jar for over a year unsure what to do with it and casually leaving it out on our counter as “decoration”. I finally got it together this week and decided to do something with it or chuck it.

So I acted. I put the little guy in the freezer and when that wax was good and frozen (it was in there for a few days because I forgot about it…I’m pretty sure it would be sufficient to give it only a couple hours in there) I took a butter knife and broke up the wax. I tossed the wax and then ran the jar under hot water. The metal part connected to the wick came up fairly easily and then I used my fingernail to get up the glue bits.

Well then I started peeling the paint away accidentally while cleaning out the wax slime. At first I thought I had completely ruined my DIY before even starting but quickly realized I was just peeling up dark green paint! The iridescent shine was part of the glass (hooray!). I peeled the rest of the paint out and gave the jar a good scrub.

Next I found the tiniest little love plant at New Seasons and potted my new best friend.

So yes friends, you too can feel like you’re getting your moneys worth out of that fancy candle you just purchased and re-purpose that candle jar into something you can truly display on your counter as decoration.

Have a great week!