Grow Up & Show Up

This week kind of got away from me! Sunday came and went and I didn’t post anything, whoops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So here we are, it’s Friday and I bring you a belated blog post!

Some themes that have been coming up in conversations and my meditation over the last two weeks is the call to show up and to no longer be an onlooker in my own life. I’ve been talking about how I want to travel more and take myself on adventures but I started doubting myself and talking myself out of it.

It’s expensive, it’s scary, it’s my first time traveling solo and holy cow plane tickets are going up so maybe I shouldn’t go anymore…I ran through all the excuses and even started talking to some friends about how maybe I won’t take myself to Ecuador for my birthday anymore. I’ll find something else to do and eventually make it happen.

I started putting out every excuse and then I did one more search for flights and moved around my departure date and found a great deal on a flight! So I’m going and it’s going to be rad and I am SHOWING UP. What’s the point if you’re going to be an onlooker in your own life? Take it back, take charge and show up.