I Am Here

You know when you have a no good, rotten moment and it throws you off? Well, I had one of those last night and I just couldn’t bring myself to focus on writing a blog post. But I’m here. The morning came and I dragged my butt out of bed and got on with the day. I had one of those reality checks where you get caught up in thinking everything in life is perfect and dandy and you feel like you have your shit together and then BAM! Reality comes a knocking and says, “Ha, you thought you had this all figured out? Try again next time.” Because you know what? We will, we’ll keep trying and striving and living and doing and working our best to figure life out.

Kind of a random rant, huh? I needed it. I started this blog as a gratitude project to help center me and provide an outlet to focus on gratitude week by week. But sometimes it’s not always rainbows and puppies. Sometimes things knock you down and that is real. I’m a positive person by nature, even when I’m down I can feel my body working to recover and grasp at the good and find a way to be OK. It’s like alarm bells start going off and my mind is like, “CRAP! Must get to higher positive levels ASAP!”

Well shoot, that’s not always the best thing and sometimes you have to sit and feel and work through things. So that’s what I’m doing. This morning I got up and ran (I hate running so there was definitely some walking mixed in) but I did it because I had told myself I was going to and I needed to do something for myself. Because those are the things I can control. I can’t control a lot right now, and I know I’m not alone in this feeling. So for those of you that feel like you’re surround by people literally pooping out sunshine and happiness and you can’t figure out why you’re not on their level. It’s OK. I’m here with you. We are probably going through different things, different phases, different pains, but they’re here and you’re not alone.

Be patient with yourself and those around you and make it through this day and eventually the week the best you can.

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    1. Yes mama! You are going through a big transition, be gentle with yourself. You are so loved ๐Ÿ™‚

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