Love Day

Hi there friends, I hope February has started off on the right foot and you’re filled with hopefulness and anticipation for this month. Somehow we’re already part way through the month and just cruising through 2018.

Do you know what Wednesday is?? Of course you do, the stores are filled with pink and red shit and every other commercial is a flower delivery service advertisement. I promise I’m not bitter, I’ve just never really loved Valentine’s day and this is my first single V-day in many many years…it’s kind of weird. I’ve decided to share a few things that I’m lovin’ during this season of love and hopefully you can join me in loving yourself and those around you a smidge more.

One of the things that popped up on my Instagram leading up to Valentine’s Day were posts from one of my faves, Darling, and their #DarlingYou movement.

They’ve been posting compliments on their Instagram account and they’re just so perfect and wonderful. Not only does it inspire you to share that compliment with someone, but it gives you the words to do so in a beautiful way. Check it out and don’t forget to share your love words with those around you (and also maybe throw a few affirmations and love your own way!)

The other thing I’ve been loving on recently is this underwear subscription service. BootayBag is $12 a month and you receive two pairs of undies. You can choose to mix it up (you receive one thong and one fully booty pair) or get two thongs or two full bottoms. They’re good quality and where the hell else can you get underwear that’s cute and fun for $6 each??

I started my subscription a few months back and there’s something so amazing about having fresh and sexy undies.  Sign up for yourself, because gurl you fine, or have your honey sign up for you. I think it would make a great last minute Valentine’s Day gift 😉

Regardless of whether you’re sharing Wednesday with a loved one, remember to wake up, check yourself out in the mirror and give yourself a big squeeze. You are important, kick ass, loving, compassionate and fucking amazing. Happy Love Day <3

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