Palm Springs

Last weekend I had the privilege of flying to Palm Springs to celebrate one of my closest friend’s bachelorette party! We snuck out of Portland just in time to miss the crazy wind storm that hit and took full advantage of the 80 degree weather – holy cow was I in desperate need of some sunshine! Since today is Easter and I’ll be spending time with family today, I’ve thrown together a quick recap of the weekend.

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Little Dumpling

Some of you may already know that my sister Kim is pregnant with her THIRD little babe! I am over the moon excited and a few weeks ago we threw her a baby sprinkle to celebrate! I’m not sure if she wanted us to throw her a party but this is the first of her babies that we’ve all been together for so my sister Amy, mom and I just had to do something 🙂

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Birthdays have always been a mix of reflection and emotions. As a kid I loved them because my mom would always come up with the best themes and my sisters would either help give my friends and I make overs or surprise show up at dinner when they were away at college and I wasn’t expecting to see them. With a late March birthday it always fell near Spring Break so often times I got to celebrate my birthday with a family trip – I wish Spring Break still existed in adult life!

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Alright, I’m changing it up this week because this is an incredibly important issue and something I value very highly. Everyone knows that it can be challenging being a woman in this world because often times we’re seen as the weaker, more vulnerable sex. Well here’s the thing, that’s been going on since the beginning of time and although we’ve made some improvements, I think it’s necessary to arm yourself with skills that empower you. Whatever that means to you I support you.

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