You’re Berry Sweet

The 3 month countdown to our wedding is on! I spent some time this week crafting and making a game plan, I’ve really tried to not take on too much DIY for our wedding because there’s nothing worse than forced crafting. I’m trying to take on little bits at a time so we’ll see how I’m doing a month from now 🙂

This week I was feeling inspired in the kitchen and whether it’s because the weather is finally feeling like an Oregon spring or because I saw that the strawberry farm I went to last year is open for picking – strawberry season is the BEST time of year – I channeled my inner Pioneer Woman and got to baking.

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One Year Launchiversary!


Can you believe it’s been a year of Jess Likes already? I’ve learned so much this past year and can’t thank you enough for following along and supporting this journey of mine 🙂 This past week was full of celebrating, we went to Vegas to celebrate a milestone in Tim’s career and got to see some family. Yesterday, my mom and sisters threw me a bridal shower and boy do they know how to make a girl feel special! I’ve pulled together a few pictures for you to look through and hope you enjoy! Cheers to another year of Jess Likes, keeping an open mind and following what your gut tells you.

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Lettuce Eat Salad

This week Tim and I are headed to Vegas, so this whole past week I tried making different salads so we could work on our Vegas bods…nothing like waiting until the last minute right?? This sent me on a Pinterest salad hunt that was a bit overwhelming but I settled on 3 different jar salads and I want to share them with you!

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Casserollin’ With My Homies

Yesterday I spent the day getting ready for the week and hanging out with 3 special moms in my life 🙂 A little late on the post this week but that quality time with my mom and sisters was needed.

This weekend my friend Steph got married! And let me tell you, that girl made a STUNNING bride! A few of our friends that came in from out of town stayed with us and I got to play hostess. If I know we have guests coming into town, I usually try to grab some snacks that I know they like and will sometimes attempt to make breakfast. Helllllloooo breakfast casserole.

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