Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

This week has been a good reminder to slow down. Lately I’ve been feeling really scatter brained and not like myself. I’m typically pretty organized and on top of it but all this week it felt like my mind was somewhere else. All of sudden I realized that all of my energy was being focused on all the things I should be doing and it all got to be a tad overwhelming.

Like many, my mind has been consumed with everything going on across the world. We have natural devastation and man-made destruction happening everywhere and it’s just gotten to be a bit much, right? I’ve been donating money and this week I’m giving blood at my company’s blood drive but it feels like such a small contribution when people everywhere are hurting.

So I’ve turned to things that comfort me because sometimes you just have to do a little self care. I made these cinnamon roll apple pie treats and scratched my original meal plan for the week to make this carrot & tomato soup with garlic knots.  It’s the kind of week that calls for soup and sweaters and binge watching This Is Us so I can silently sob into my cozy blanket. Sometimes you just have to, OK??

I’ve had this lingering sensation that in my day-to-day life I should be doing more, or something else or who even knows. And you know what? Says who? Why should I be doing anything that I’m not currently doing?

This past month I kept telling myself that I should be working out more, so the last few weeks I really kicked it up and started pushing myself. Welllll, I pushed myself a little too hard during my mid-week work out and strained my muscles more than I ever have before (big eye roll). I am now nursing my body back to health and have to take it easy. I never knew a burpee could do me so dirty.

So let my overly sore muscles be a reminder to you (and me) that what we’re currently doing is exactly what we are meant to be doing. There will always be those tasks that we could be doing, but give yourself a break. You’ll get to those to do lists and chores. Take it a little at a time and don’t let yourself get so caught up in all of that. There are some pretty rad moments that you’re experiencing right now and you don’t want to miss them because your worried about all the things you should be doing instead.

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