There are good ships and wood ships…

…ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!

(insert me chuckling to myself because I think that toast is super silly)

Oh hello friends! It’s been a little while. I’m happy to report that this blog post is coming to you live from my repaired laptop thanks to two of my friends who rock and fixed it.

I’ve been quiet for a few weeks and in addition to the fact that blogging from my phone was less than ideal, I’ve really just been feeling a bit uninspired to blog. I haven’t had much to say, I feel like the holiday season has crept up on me and shit did anyone else wait until the last minute and go grocery shopping this weekend?! I did, talk about shopping cart rage…anyway, the point is, life has been busy and full and I’m not mad about it.

When thinking about what I wanted to write about today, it all hit me at once. My friends. These past few months have changed many of my relationships with people for the better. It’s like all of a sudden I had all this space in me for more intense and deeper relationships with the people in my life because I wasn’t dumping all of that energy into one person. And boy am I glad that the space has been freed up.

I found that, even for a person who overshares and doesn’t keep much private, I have allowed myself to be a lot more vulnerable and honest and in return I received that from others. The intimacy that comes from sharing thoughts and feelings openly and honestly with people who know you so well is intense and amazing. I have always had wonderful friends and family, but for some reason the relationships that I currently have or made recently seem to be on a new level.

For so long, I was in a committed relationship and yet I would get these intense moments of loneliness. I know it’s a hard balance to strike to not get wrapped up in the person you’re in a relationship with, but it’s a lesson I’m happy to have learned to carry me forward.

I’m constantly humbled by the love and support I have around me. So cheers friends! I am grateful for you during this season of being thankful and forever more.