It’s hard to believe that Fall 2017 is here, I mean does anyone else feel like this year is flying by? I’m not too mad about it because A) 2017 blows and B) it’s Fall & the best time of the year!!! That means pies, pumpkin everything, sweaters, warm socks, boots, crisp mornings…the list goes on. Also, heeyyyy still blogging for you from my phone 🙄

This year I really felt the transition to this new – wonderful – season. Sometimes transitions are welcome, sometimes not. But they’re always filled with change (whether big or small) and possibility. That’s kind of exciting, right? A little bit uncomfortable but you know you’re going to come out on the other side at some point.

I’ve started to slowly accept that feeling of uncertainty a little more and I’ve been thinking a lot about this passage I found on Pinterest years ago. I’ve always kept a screenshot of it on my phone to turn back to and remind myself during times of transition. I can’t figure out how to link to it all perfectly from my phone but I’ll fix that at some point 🙂 basically the passage reminds you to be gentle with yourself, focus on one day at a time, that you are deserving of the good things coming, and to not face change as an opponent but something you can welcome into your life.

That is powerful.

Let us all be reminded that we are worthy of the good things coming into our lives. We can greet each day as the new, amazing opportunity that it is. And welcome change into our lives instead of meeting it with fear, it’s tough but worth it. ❤️