Dear Baby Dickerson

Oh baby Dickerson I can’t believe you’re already here! Your mama has been so calm and collected during this pregnancy and continues to amaze us all. I’m so surprised that you were just inside her belly – the little one who would kick at story time when you’d hear your mama reading to your siblings – and are now out in this wonderful world!

You’re going to have GREAT hair if the mop on top of your head is any indication, I think we all know that you’re going to have a strong resemblance to your daddy and I can already tell you’re so ready to get settled in this world and play with your siblings and cousin. Your sweet cooing and grunting shows us that you’re ready to teach us all so much and that you have lots to share with everyone.

Holding you, sweet boy, was more than my heart could handle. This was the first time I got to meet one of the Dickerson’s as a newborn and I’m constantly reminded of how grateful I am your family all moved back to Oregon. I can’t believe I’ve been blessed with two healthy nephews in the last 6 months!

Our family grew by one more this week! On April 17th my sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy! So for those of you keeping track, that’s 3 nephews and 1 niece 🙂 Everyone is doing great and Miles and Hadley are already outstanding siblings to this little one.

Have a great week!